NC2 Studio I/O Module

SKU: 4750916
Using versatile functionality ranging from NDI, SDI to IP video conversion by I/O channel expansion, to 4K UHD connectivity and IP interoperability, NewTek NC2 Studio I/O Modules offer the flexibility to outfit studios, facilities, or infrastructures not only for their current production needs but also those of the future.
11.995,00 € excl tax

NewTek TriCaster TC1 (2 RU)

SKU: 4750328
Integrated 4K UHD NDI live production system: 16-channel video mixer, audio mixer, video server, replay, multiviewer, virtual sets, measuring instruments.
14.995,00 € excl tax

NewTek 2-Stripe Control Panel

SKU: 4750590
TriCaster TC12S - NewTek 2 Stripe IP Series Control Panel for TriCaster TC1.
11.995,00 € excl tax


SKU: 4751031
21.995,00 € excl tax

TriCaster TC1SP Control Panel (14 buttons)

SKU: 4750327
Control surface for TriCaster TC1 14 backlit buttons, 1.5x panel stripes, 1 multi mode T-Bar , 3-axis joystick, USB connected.
6.995,00 € excl tax

TriCaster Mini Control Surface 4K

SKU: 4750745
Newtek Control surface for TriCaster Mini HD-4i, TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410
2.495,00 € excl tax

TriCaster Mini 4K (with 2x Spark Plus IO 4K)

SKU: 4750722
TriCaster Mini 4K (with 2x Spark Plus IO 4K)
8.995,00 € excl tax

TC Mini 4K Bundle (with 2xSpark Plus IO 4K,MiniCS & Travelcase)

SKU: 4750721
Kit TriCaster TC mini 4K ; complete with: TriCaster Mini with 4K + MiniCS + 2x Spark Plus 4K IO converters + NewTek custom Travel Case.
10.995,00 € excl tax

TriCaster Mini HD-4 Advanced

SKU: 4750268
NewTek 16-channel Streaming System, 4 HDMI in + 4 IP (NDI), 4-channel IsoCorder. With everyday camcorders and TriCaster Mini, anyone can make a show with professional results.
6.495,00 € excl tax

Bundle TriCaster Mini Advanced HD-4 with CS and Travelcase

SKU: 4750691
Compact video production system consisting of the video mixer TriCaster Mini HD-4 Advanced, the control panel TriCaster Mini CS and a hard shell trolley
8.495,00 € excl tax

TriCaster Mini Advanced SDI

SKU: 4750278
The NewTek TriCaster Mini Advanced HD-4 SDI is a compact, all-in-one multimedia solution that allows you to simultaneously broadcast, stream, and record live productions from virtually anywhere.
10.995,00 € excl tax

Bundle TriCaster Mini SDI Advanced with CS +TravelCase

SKU: 4750280
Bundle consisting of a compact video mixer with HD-SDI connections, control panel TriCaster Mini CS and TriCaster Mini Travel Case
12.495,00 € excl tax

Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition

SKU: 4750450
Transform any location into a professional, virtual environment or wrap your presenters in a 360-degree holographic vista. With a plain backdrop, a few square feet of space and Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition, now you can dramatically raise your production value with dazzling visual effects that make an impact your audience can practically touch.
995,00 € excl tax