Kiloview KA-TL1- External Tally light

SKU: 4751023
The Kiloview KA-TL1 is an external NDI Tally indicator from Kiloview. It is an auxiliary device particularly suitable for live connections.
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Kiloview RN01- 1RU rack with 4 slots for N3/N30/N4/N40

SKU: 1801367
Kiloview Rack mount 1RU to support up to 4 N3/N30/N4/N40
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Kiloview RN03- 3RU rack with 10 slots for N3/N30/N4/N40

SKU: 1801368
Kiloview Rack mount 3RU to combine up to 10 N3/N30/N4/N40 even different models in the same rack
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