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LEN LTD L3GGI04 3G SDI Galvanic Isolator

Miniature in-line 3G SDI digital video Isolator, panel mount version
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The LEN L3GGI04 is a miniature in-line Isolator, providing full quality transmission of all the SDI digital video formats up to 3G whilst blocking DC, mains hum and other low frequency interference
Our LEN L3GGI04 Isolator provides safeguarding both from signal distortion and against equipment damage by static and Earth Loop DC voltage build up It is built in a tubular plastic enclosure, fitted with a BNC connector at each end and with an industry standard size mounting flange for panel mounting

Transparent to the 3G, HD and SD SDI signal standards, the L3GGI04 Galvanic Isolator is useful in both permanent and temporary installations. It may be used freestanding or panel mounted, using the integrated flange for through panel mounting.
An accessory rack panel is also available to mount 16 Isolators in 1U of rack space, part number LMPG01



  • Full DC and mains hum isolation between equipment
  • Totally passive device, no power required
  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Small and lightweight
  • Protects equipment from damage by DC static and earth loop voltage build up
  • Prevents errors due to differences in earth potential at each end of the cable
  • Prevents Electric Shock risk to Operators
  • No distortion of the 3G, HD and SD-SDI signal
  • Can be used with the ASI format
  • Very low loss, minimal signal attenuation over transmission path length


Technical Data

Impedance : 75 Ohms
Signal Attenuation: < 0.1 dB at 0.5 MHz
Bandwidth : < 0.5 MHz to > 3.0 GHz
Amplitude roll-off: < 0.5 dB to 3.0 GHz
Return Loss : > 20 dB
DC Breakdown Volta: > 500 volts
Dimensions : 62x20mm (length x diameter)
Mounting Flange : 31x26mm
Weight : 36g
Connectors : BNC Female


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